Flow Deep Sleep Trigger #19

Lie down in a comfortable position. Play DeepSleep trigger set on external speakers or headphones and follow instructions while listening to the calming soundscape.

DeepSleep trigger set is 20 minutes long and includes:
- Slow breathing section with inhale (4 seconds) and exhale (16 seconds) cues with pace of 3 breaths/min (5 minutes),
- ThetaWave section with binaural thetawave technology to softly sway you into deep refreshing sleep (15 mins). In this section you continue with slow breaths with focus on slower and longer exhale in your own comfortable pace.

Slow breathing section lowers your overall metabolism and efficiently triggers your body and mind into rest and digest mode. Slower you breathe, more relaxed you become, which leads you to a more regenerative sleep.

Inhale slowly through nose and exhale slowly through pursed lips. Pursed lips breathing technique (PLB) allows you to effectively control the length of exhale.

Flow PLB  Breathing technique tutorial
(click here)