Introduction to the FlowCode® Golf Academy

My name is dr. Rick Sessinghaus, PGA Pro & mental golf performance coach of top rank professional golf players ... Welcome to the FlowCode® Golf Academy!

Golf is a 100% mental game and as such requires us to develop a consistent and effective mental approach in which we want to experience optimal performance on the golf course.

Experience shows that most golfers do not undergo any mental training and solely rely on their technical improvements, so in many aspects this is a generally neglected part of golf practice.

On the other hand, research and experience from professional golfers show, that the right mental approach is crucial for tapping into the optimal golf performance, unveiling completely new layers & levels of advancements.

FlowCode® Golf Academy is based on the principles of the FlowCode, offers an effective and straightforward approach to the mental golf preparation by applying the latest cutting edge scientific know how of the flow state, while taking a leap forward in understanding how to apply it to the game of golf in an optimal way.

FlowCode® Golf Academy includes a variety of different courses and programs adapted to both recreational players, competitive players & golf pros.

Golf is a game that challenges golfers in all aspects and on all levels. Just when we are prepared to give up and stash our golf clubs out of sight, that fantastic round appears, but then with newly found confidence we can’t chip, putt or drive. We go through lengths of the game where we score like a pro, but can’t make a putt and as soon as we figure out putting, our driving ability breaks down.

As widespread as golf is around the globe, these are the familiar experiences of anyone who embarked on a golfing journey of self discovery.  Golf is a mentally extremely demanding game in many aspects, be it the short term ability to achieve optimal focus at the shot or managing emotional reactions to the each outcome including capacity to maintain strong presence for a stretched period of 18 holes.

This specific mental demand on every golfer at every shot leads us to question the importance of technical skills in comparison to overall golfing performance and how much an effective mental approach contributes to the overall experience. Experience of those golfers who successfully manage mental part of the game vs those who don’t even have a developed approach, shows without a doubt, that those golfers who focus only on the technical part of the game, put themselves at a serious handicap.

Focusing only on the physical aspect of the game, while ignoring the massive role the mind plays, is a sureshot path to a moody and unstable golf rounds that many times bring more frustration than the experience of deep enjoyment and meaningful immersion in this beautiful and fascinating game.

Tap into your superhuman golfing potential and address all important mental parts of the game in an effective and straightforward way. Achieve the flow state in the game of golf with the help of effective and time tested flow triggers & programs.

Become a master of golf by achieving th state that is fluid & rhythmic, the state of mind in which the game of golf flows ... like a summer breeze.