Flow rituals - Gratitude Mindset #4

Gratitude mindset
Advanced level: 3 breaths/min

Body movement guide
Place both of your palms on your chest, one over the other. Start inhaling while you move your arms diagonally down and to the sides, stretching continuously outward. Open your chest, activate core muscles & hold your breath. Now move your hands back to the chest in a circular fashion , one palm over the other while slowly exhaling.

Mind visualization guide
Feel gratitude that you are alive, that you are able to breathe. Being grateful for everything and for everyone.

Breathing guide
Inhale slowly through nose and exhale slowly through pursed lips. Pursed lips breathing technique (PLB) allows you to effectively control the length of exhale.

Flow PLB  Breathing technique tutorial
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Practicing gratitude restores motivationto the experience, it gives it value.

It is up to us to realize that it is in our power to change this perception and act accordingly.

Without inner built attitude to gratitude we will always end up de-valuing things, events and relationships including our own life.

Gratitude puts a situation into perspective. It is an important self correcting code for the alignment to the flow.