Post round flow routine

The best time to take advantage of proper evaluation is right after a round. Go from the 18th green to the practice tee and your experience will be fresh in your mind. Reinforce the good and work on the few shots you wish you could have played better. This is where you can turn a negative into a positive.

So many times when I was playing competitive golf I would leave the course immediately after a bad round. I would take that frustration and disappointment with me home and it aff ected my mood for the entire evening and sometimes into the next day. I had to learn to evaluate a round immediately afterwards on the practice range and green.

My goal of this post round practice was simple; figure out what caused the poor shots. I found that sometimes all it took was 10 minutes of hitting shots to figure out what happened. I also began to evaluate shots based on skill mechanics and mental skill mechanics.

This taught me that not all poor shots are because of a physical mechanical breakdown. I found that I may have had a focus problem or my temper affected execution of certain shots. I later went home and replayed these mental breakdowns with how I should have handled the shot.

This post round practice helped me regroup and leave the course in a positive mindset. If you don’t have time to do physical practice after a round, at least go over the round in your mind later that evening.