Post shot flow routine

The use of a post shot routine is an important element that not many instructors teach. We know about a pre-shot routine; however a lot can be learned from a post shot routine. A post-shot routine is done after a shot is gone. You evaluate what happened with the shot and learn from it. A post-shot routine can keep you mentally and emotionally focused even when the shot is poor.

The post-shot routine can:
- Reinforce great shots you just played. Get exited and remember that feeling.
- Learn from a poor result. Play the shot back as if you did it correctly.
- Analyze by asking, if I had a second chance what would I have done differently mentally or emotionally?
- Move on to the next shot in an emotionally confident state.

The best time to take advantage of proper evaluation is right after a round. Go from the 18th green to the practice tee and your experience will be fresh in your mind. Reinforce the good and work on the few shots you wish you could have played better.

This is where you can turn a negative into a positive.