Driving range flow routine

Let’s see options of applied flow trigger, where we apply individual triggers to the situation of practice. First we need to look into how the structure of golf practice looks like. It is obvious golf shots of different lengths need to be practiced on a driving range.

The overall condition of the body & mind in which these training shots are performed is crucial for our improvement. What we want, is to be in as optimal state as possible during each practiced shot. We must take into account what can be done on the driving range itself or prior to training.

Flow on a driving range

Vagal flow alignment (applying breathwork)
On the driving range we can surely apply vagal interventions (slow & controlled breathing, breathhold) before training and also before each shot. It must be understood a golf swing fully tasks our perception itself, so at the shot itself, we need to be as subconscious as possible, completely focusing on the task without any further disturbance. We need to get into optimal state before the shot with repeated trained rituals and individual interventions.

Sensomotoric flow alignment
Further we can look into sensomotoric approach, tasking our perception with stimuli from bodily receptors with either simple  kinesthetic exercises (focus on movement), balance exercises that task our perception through equilibrioception. All these interventions are done prior to an exercise session to ensure transient hypofrontality.

Cognitive flow alignment (flow mindsets)
Cognitive flow alignment through mindsets are also an essential requirement for creating internal perception of the situation that is safe & supports flow. One of the more potent triggers is deliberately applying playful mindset between each shot, which effectively eliminates fear and anxiety on the course. The observer mindset and the needed detached approach toward observing our execution of the shot can be applied in combination with growth mindset that ensures our optimal drive toward betterment.

See an example of the driving range flow routine below.


Position Duration Description & triggers
    Warm up (one of below options)
Standing 15’

Stretch flow programs

Standing 15’

Strength flow programs

Standing 15’

Balance flow programs

    Between technical sessions
Standing 2’-3’

Slow breaths

Standing 3’-4’

Dolphin breaths

    Between technical sessions
Standing 1’

Seven breaths

Standing 30''

Flow recall trigger

Total time 25’ - 35’  


Additional guidelines:

-  At the right side of the table (in the FlowHub version), you can find links to all interventions (triggers, meditations, rituals ...).
-  Programmed sessions are provided as a general guideline on how to setup an effective flow coaching session.
-  All the triggers within this program can be performed in group or individually. By your own discretion, use other similar flow triggers from the options in the Flowhub (test each of them and see if they resonate with you).