Pre - round flow routine

Just about any channel for flow can be used before golf round or competition (vagal, sensomotoric, thermoreceptive, auditory, visual etc.), but on the golf course we are more limited and using more of breathwork between shots, cognitive alignment or flow recall triggers.

Pre - round routine
Here are listed few options of flow triggers that will help you with reaching the state of transient hypofrontality, a needed condition for your flawless golf performance. It is advised that you create your own routine, based on what works best for you. It is important that you repeat it as often as possible, as this is already part of your overall mental preparation for the round of golf or competition. Best options make use of sensory & cognitive flow triggers that are easily applicable.

Starting your warm up with putting allows your mind and body to synchronize for the game. The goal here is to familiarize yourself with the speed of the greens. Start with long distance putts at varied distances aiming for the fringe or somewhere near the edge of the practice green. Mix your shots with the flow triggers, so you are able to fall step by step into the deep calm state with engaged focus and patience.

Next, move your way up to putting whilst aiming at golf tees as a target. This helps in narrowing your focus as the target hole appears bigger during the game. Finally, hole ten short 2 foot putts in a row and listen to the ball falling in the hole.

This is a great way of building your confidence in your putting. Play different types of shots as possible from different lies during the short-game warm-up. This allows you to get more creative as well as familiarize with the golf course.

Always visualize specific landing positions for every shot. Appreciate every good shot and change positions whenever you hit your target. Check the possibilities of adapting flow triggers to specific situation of a pre-round routine.

See below an example of pre-round flow routine. Once you gain experience, we encourage you to develop your own routine based on your personal preferences.


Position Duration Description & triggers
    Waking up (morning)
Lying 7’

Flow golf anchoring meditation

    At home (preparation)
Standing 2’-3’

Cold shower ritual #1

Standing 3’-4’

Seven mindsets ritual

Various 10’

Nirvana trigger set

    Golf course warm up
Various 15’

Stretch flow programs

Sitting 5'-30'

Active sound immersion

Sitting 30''

Flow recall trigger

Total time 30’ - 60’  

Additional guidelines:

-  At the right side of the table (in the FlowHub version), you can find links to all interventions (triggers, meditations, rituals ...).
-  Programmed sessions are provided as a general guideline on how to setup an effective flow coaching session.
-  All the triggers within this program can be performed in group or individually. By your own discretion, use other similar flow  triggers from the options in the Flowhub (test each of them and see if they resonate with you).

Additional explanation of different options of flow triggers in a pre-round routine:

Sensomotoric flow alignment
Prepare your body for the golfing challenge. Warm up helps getting your muscles ready for the game. This prevents injuries and gets you ready for the round. Dynamic stretch & strength exercises combined with breathing will increase your power output and get your mind and body sharp for the round.

Vagal flow alignment
Breathe either to music you can pick from the Flowhub or choose your own or do in your own rhythm. Breathe in through nose slowly and do a prolonged exhale in order to calm all your bodily systems. Breathing is subtle and rhythmic. Pay attention to your breath.

Thermoreceptive flow alignment
Take a cold shower or otherwise use heat/cold application in order to drive your attention into the body.

Visual flow alignment
Look at stimulating video or photo that relaxes you.

Tactile flow alignment
Get a massage or otherwise use your tactile flow channel options.

Chemosensory flow alignment
Enjoy food or drink with full attention, eating or drinking mindfuly. It will slow down your rhythm.

Auditory flow alignment
Listen to the music of your choise with enjoyment and immersion. Let your mind synchronize with the music beats.

Cognitive flow alignment
Use cognitive flow alignment triggers with specially designed golf flow meditations in order to get yourself aligned for the flow you will be creating on a golf course.