Power pose - Flow recall trigger

Flow recall trigger using a power pose is a technique that leverages the body's posture to anchor and elicit the state of flow. By using a power pose as a flow recall trigger, you tap into the mind-body connection to access the state of flow with greater ease. 

Find a quiet and comfortable space where you can stand or sit with enough room to move freely. Take a moment to relax and bring your attention to the present moment.

Recall a specific flow state experience that you want to anchor. Remember the feeling of complete immersion in the task, the heightened focus, and the sense of effortless action.

Choose a power pose that embodies strength, confidence, and expansiveness. This could be standing tall with your chest lifted, hands on your hips, or any other pose that makes you feel empowered.

Assume the power pose while visualizing and mentally re-experiencing the flow state. Bring to mind the activities, sensations, and emotions associated with being in the flow.

Hold the power pose for a few moments, allowing yourself to fully embody the qualities of flow. Feel the sense of confidence, competence, and focus flowing through your body.

Pay attention to any physical sensations that arise while in the power pose. Notice the posture of your body, the feeling of strength and stability, and any other sensations that contribute to the sense of flow.

Affirm to yourself that the power pose is now an anchor for accessing the flow state. Connect the pose with the mental state of flow, reinforcing the association between the two.

Repeat this process several times, each time assuming the power pose and mentally revisiting the flow state experience. Immerse yourself in the memories and sensations of flow as you hold the pose.

Practice the power pose outside of flow-inducing activities as well. Whenever you want to access the flow state, assume the pose, take a deep breath, and allow the physical posture to trigger the mental state of flow.

Use the power pose as a tool to prime your mind and body for flow in various situations. Before engaging in challenging tasks, presentations, or any activity that requires focus and confidence, assume the pose for a few moments to activate the flow state.

By using a power pose as a flow recall trigger, you tap into the mind-body connection to access the state of flow with greater ease. The power pose becomes a physical anchor that instantly brings you into the flow state, allowing you to perform at your best and enjoy the benefits of complete immersion and focus.