Golf flow anchoring meditation

Take a few slow & relaxed breaths … close your eyes and focus on your breath.

As you exhale, let the tension leave your body. Let other thoughts slip away.

Let them flow away arising and disappearing. Observe them. Watch them without judgement.  Letting go of everything.

Start by remembering the feeling of that perfect golf shot that you experienced, when you felt the most joy, completely immersed & filled with confidence ... a moment in your golf game when you felt anything is possible and everything was going your way.

Now blend this feeling with a warm, bright & calming wave of light within your chest  … watch it as it grows and expands.

Filling up your whole body ... from head to toes … giving a warm feeling of deep presence, trust and confidence ...

Your body is now full of white bright light, you are feeling energized and calm  …

The light now starts to radiate out of the body … ending up in the infinity.

This is the feeling of the flow. Stay in this feeling for a moment.

I am going to count from 1 to 10 and with each number I say, you are going to picture in your mind how you want your day ahead to look.

1….. see yourself flow on golf course today

2….. see yourself fully immersed in the game

3….. how you move & swing in perfect rhythm

4….. and approach the game playfully and without any expectations.

5….. having a perfect focus at every shot.

6……how your game improves incrementally in every possible way.

7……feel gratitude toward this beautiful and fascinating game

8…… feel how you are motivated to accomplish great score.

9…… see and feel yourself smiling before and after every shot, accepting every outcome.

And 10……I want you to take this picture you have created of this beautiful day in front of you and make it as vivid as possible.

See the colors brightly.

Visualize yourself playing your golf in perfect flow.

Witness yourself fully motivated towards your goals.

Make this visualization as detailed as you possibly can.

You see every shot clearly … see yourself smiling and accomplishing things with ease.

Allow the day to fully play out in your mind exactly how you desire it to be. Good.

Take a really big refreshing deep breath to set this image in stone. And one more deep and full breath for good luck  ... nice.

Slowly prepare to wake up ... I am going to count one more time, and with each number I say, you will feel more and more awake and excited to experience your golf in flow, fluid & full of relaxed rhythm.

123 ... feel that vision of yourself very clearly ... 456 ... breathe in that fresh energy ...789…… moving and stretching your whole body now, waking up your muscles ...

And 10…..eyes open, fully awake and ready to experience your golf game fully immersed and in a powerful flow.