Healing light meditation

Begin by finding a comfortable seated position, either on a chair or on the floor. Close your eyes gently and take a few deep breaths, allowing yourself to relax and enter a state of deep relaxation.

As you continue to breathe deeply, envision yourself surrounded by a radiant healing light. Visualize this light as a warm and comforting energy that permeates your entire being.

With each inhale, feel this healing light filling your body, nourishing and rejuvenating every cell. And with each exhale, release any tension or discomfort that you may be holding onto.

Allow this healing light to flow through you, bathing you in its soothing and transformative energy. Feel it dissolving any physical or emotional imbalances, bringing you back to a state of harmony and wholeness.

Visualize this healing light expanding beyond your physical body, extending out into the space around you. See it enveloping your surroundings, creating a sacred space of healing and peace.

As you bask in this healing light, bring your awareness to any areas in your body that may be in need of healing or attention. Allow the light to gently penetrate those areas, bringing relief, restoration, and a sense of balance.

As the healing light permeates your being, let go of any resistance or attachment to the outcome. Surrender to the innate intelligence of your body and trust in the healing process that is unfolding within you.

Take a few moments to offer gratitude to the healing light and to yourself for engaging in this transformative practice. Express appreciation for your body's ability to heal and for the support of the universal energy that surrounds you.

Stay in this space of healing light for a few more breaths, absorbing its energy and allowing it to integrate fully into your being. Feel a sense of renewal, vitality, and well-being expanding within you.

When you're ready to conclude the meditation, gently bring your awareness back to the present moment. Wiggle your fingers and toes, softly open your eyes, and carry the healing energy of the light with you as you move through the rest of your day.